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A Voyage Into Motherhood

For some, it occurred as a result of a long standing relationship; for others, a one night stand; still others, the result of what was thought to be love, which later was determined to be lust. The scenarios vary; whether through marriage, an encounter with a “first” or an infracted, “No!” mistaken as a license to continue; reproducing in a constituted world for no rhyme or reason.


The signals the body transmits are sometimes hard to interpret. The suspicion lingers in the subconscious, but the heart needs confirmation. A missed “period” and the apprehension begins. There’s the morning after pill that’s taken to subside the curiosities of a lust filled one night stand and then there’s the over the counter test which doesn’t satisfy the curiosity until taken multiple times. The results seem surreal. Some are elated, while others feel a sense of despair. It’s then time to set an appointment for one of many prenatal visits with a medical caregiver. Then the facts become all too real. Missing a menstrual cycle, frequent urination, swollen breasts, “morning sickness” and food cravings. The time quickly passes; the body contorts for the growth of a new human; a life within a life; one now feeding & nurturing two. The worries become enormous or celebratory depending on the situation. (How do we survive? Can my income manage this? I’m not ready? What colors to paint the room? Do we have enough insurance? What will my parents say? Will the child be embraced? I’m excited! I can’t wait!”) All of which clutter the mind. And as the day approaches, registries are established and showers are scheduled.


The moment finally arrives and the delivery location is sometimes a non-factor. The breathing techniques which were rehearsed and practiced are no longer applicable; calmness dissipates. The screams and bellows echo throughout the room. And with the cry of a small voice unfamiliar to the listener, life begins anew. All the worries and concerns disappear the moment you glance into each other’s eyes. A new person to love; a new life to mold. To all of the women celebrating this day all over the globe, I bid you good tidings and wish you all the best as you shape the individuals who may someday lead our future. Happy Mother’s Day! You are greatly appreciated. “We Are The Change!”  I’m gone! (b)

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