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“Now let’s talk about freedom…
The Negro says I want my freedom now, and others say never.
The voice of a responsible, educated, non-bias person says, togetherness, there is no other way.
Until justice is blind of color,
Until education is unaware of race,
Until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of a man’s skin,
Emancipation will always be a proclamation, but not a fact.
You see prejudice squints when it looks, and lies when it talks.
Damn fools!”

I used that monologue while attending college for a presentation, and who would’ve known that the speech would continue to hold such merit today. I understand everyone’s upset! I know the pain all too well; witness it first hand (the psychological ramifications) and read about it on a daily basis as do you. So because of the anger we harbor inside, we feel it’s necessary to unleash our fury on anything & anyone who opposes us. So we burn down the stores where we shop to attain the necessities in life; we vandalize structures that were the pillars of our community; we destroy all the things that had meaning, that were monuments, beacons and landmarks which served as gathering spots. But now think of this, that structure you demolished; those dreams which were quickly dashed by setting those buildings ablaze; a lifetime of work and money invested reduced to ashes, were they Black owned? If not, then who stands to win? The “true” owners will reap the benefits of the destruction by receiving a check from the insurance company. The losers are those who no longer have that establishment to return to. And it isn’t their moral obligation to reestablish that company that you’ve now destroyed. They can cut their losses and head off into the sunset check in hand. Vacant lots make the property value go down; reacquire, resell and turn another profit. Hmmm…

From the time of the shooting until the decision was made last night, monies were being collected for both Mike Brown’s family and Darren Wilson. By late August, Wilson had collected almost $350,000, while Brown’s Memorial Fund collected $214,000. So with Wilson set to resign and move forward with his life, he has monies to be able to sustain for quite sometime, allow the media madness to die down before moving on to his next venture. Meanwhile, there’s no dollar amount that can replace the life of a loved one; as life is more precious than a “Promissory Note”.


Lastly, the misnomer of “Black on Black” is ridiculous. There’s no such thing. Sure the message was clear in the song “Self Destruction.” We view the headlines from Chiraq (Chicago), Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami Gardens reporting the incidents. However, the term is a media creation to instill fear and give the appearance that this is a problem which takes place solely in OUR community. If you live in Liberty City, Overtown, Opa Locka, Richmond Heights, Perrine, Goulds, etc, who else are Black people going to commit crimes against? You commit crimes against those you’re most associated with or live in close proximity to. “Black represent 13% of the population but commit 50% of the murders; 90% of Black victims are murdered by other Blacks. Yet the disturbing truth, according to the FBI’s most recent homicide statistics, is that the United States is in the wake of an epidemic of White-on-White crime; a (staggering) 83% of White murder victims were killed by fellow Caucasians.” (This was as of August 2014) I ask again, and I always harp on this, why do you think they reinforce OUR negative behavior, never insinuating the positive? Because YOU sell the newspapers, move the needle for conversation, drive the Internet with your songs, participation in sports and theatrics on television. I’m sure you weren’t aware that several young people visited Geneva for a meeting of the United Nations Committee Against Torture, refusing to back down during testimony about police brutality in the U.S. I don’t claim to know everything nor do I profess to be a prophet. The goal is to live outside of the confines of society to attain a higher understanding of oneself. As someone mentioned, the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted one year, which conversely led to change; do y’all think not shopping on Black Friday; one day of 365 will make a difference? This sh*t is chess not checkers? “I don’t want you to think like me, I just want you to think!” #shotsfired “We Are The Change!” I’m gone! (b)

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