So let me get this right, because I’ve been seeing this position since the incident occurred. So when encountered by law enforcement, despite the circumstances, one should be cooperative, patient, bite their tongue and potentially allow their rights to be violated for fear of being taken into custody or perhaps death (worst case scenario)? Well how come I don’t see this turn the other cheek sh*t when you’re on everybody’s social media posts talking about how a b*tch cut you off in traffic, tried you at the restaurant, hated on you in the club or a f*ck n*gga sizing you? So what you’re saying is you’re “gorilla” with ordinary Joe’s/Jane’s but pooch up when it comes to authority figures? Doesn’t the average individual have the propensity to become violent, which may lead to a physical altercation that could end in death? People who wield power, whether wearing a police/correctional uniform, having the ability to brandish a weapon or being in charge of approving a loan will exert that power because they feel their current positions (at that moment) provide a sense of superiority. When people question that authority & fight back, unfortunately instances like Sandra Bland occur. So if you’re saying fighting back and standing up for what’s right is no longer an option, then what was the point of our ancestors being lynched, sprayed with water hoses, being bitten by dogs, marching/protesting and beaten by cops for? What was the point in having a Malcolm, Martin, Meager, Huey, Marcus, Bobby and Ali to point out these atrocities, standing in our stead facing that same abuse and ridicule? So the next time somebody’s cursing you out, gets your order wrong at a restaurant or provides poor customer service, don’t get mad; don’t ask for a manager, don’t raise up and act as if you’re gonna retaliate or create a problem, because f*ck it! You’re turning the other cheek and practicing good deescalation tactics and people skills. There’s a saying when dealing with the police, “You may beat the rap, but you won’t beat the ride!” The ride shouldn’t result in death because of a simple traffic citation or disagreement of principles; no matter the circumstances. No one is saying not to respect authority, but damnit, you desire respect as an individual as well. You shouldn’t have to compromise that. I swear, hindsight be 20/20 like a muthaf*cka! Like a majority of us don’t allow our emotions to get the best of us when confronted or in a heated debate. There’s a war on melanin taking place all over the globe and y’all trying to rationalize. Da f*ck outta here! “We Are The Change!”

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