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Won’t He Do It!

Each morning I appreciate the fact that I’m granted another opportunity to awaken from a night’s slumber, listen to the roaring laughter and engaging conversation that transpires between the residents in my humble abode and embark on life’s journey made anew, as I bask in the illumination of the sun’s rays.   The dawning of a new day leads to one’s ability to overcome past transgressions and account for past mistakes.  Would’ve, could’ve, should’ves (states of procrastination) can be transformed into grandiose accomplishments with just a bit of effort; and words often left unspoken can be uttered to please the ear.  And though my life may not be what I envisioned, I have shelter, clothing, and the ability to consume food to nourish my body.   So you have to forgive me if I have a condescending attitude about most things I encounter in life, with religion being something I personally don’t subscribe to.


Now this piece isn’t being written to bash or question anyone’s values; nor meant to sway public opinion.  It is my hope to provide levity; holding up a mirror and allowing the reader to gaze upon their reflection.  Point out disparaging behavior that we all at times suffer from; an inflated ego; narcissistic tendencies, being braggadocio in the name of their chosen deity.  As always, before I pose my argument, I like to define the key terms or phrases that will be used throughout the piece.  Religion is defined as the belief in a god or in a group of gods; an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, and rules used to worship a god or group of gods.  Now spirituality has no true definition; it means something different to everyone.  For some, it’s about participating in organized religion (going to church, synagogue, a mosque, etc.)  For others, it’s more personal (private prayer, yoga, meditation, quiet reflection or long, tranquil walks).  In all, these differences classify our society as a whole; the believers, non-believers and those in-between.


“No hater can stop God’s favor.  God will give them front seats to watch your life prosper.”  When I hear someone say, “God is good all the time” I think to myself, what about the children that are subjected to child molestation by their parents, other family members or an adult role model?  What about the millions of citizens that litter the streets of our communities homeless while banks foreclose on homes leaving uncounted thousands of dwellings vacant?  The praying mother or grandmother, who pays their tithes on a weekly basis, attends Bible Study and is a participant of all the available “Boards” only to learn that after years of asking for guidance and protection that their child is doomed to a life in prison; engulfed by the Criminal Justice System or suffers from some incurable disease. Or during the time of slavery, where people of color were indoctrinated to the ways of European culture and servitude of their deities; dependent upon the belief that one individual had suffered the same atrocities they were then experiencing.  The wounds from the lash have yet to heal, the family structure remained severed and the psychological damage remains evident to this day.  The same messiah (Jesus) that John Hawkins used as the name of his ship (The Good Ship Jesus – Jesus of Lubeck)on his voyage during the Slave Trade (1564). Do you honestly believe that a higher entity had a stake in last Sunday’s football game between the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals?  That the players on each of the rosters wanted to win any more or less than the other? When an athlete is interviewed after a victory, they immediately “Thank God” for allowing them (and their team) to be triumphant in “battle”.  When have you ever heard the losing participant thank their deity for experiencing a defeat? Wouldn’t it be amazing in contrast to hear a player state, “I would like to thank ____ for allowing me to compete.  I know this loss can be used as a learning experience and can catapult both myself and our team to greater heights.”  That would definitely be refreshing and provide a dynamic for showing appreciation despite experiencing adversity or absorbing the emotions of failure.  What about the hardship that Geno Smith, quarterback of the New York Jets, is now experiencing after being benched for his poor play?  You don’t believe he has a strong religious foundation or is this a case of “favor ain’t fair”; testing his faith?  The same can be said at award ceremonies, where the victor approaches the podium and thanks their “spiritual guide.”  But what about their opponents; didn’t they work just as hard in an attempt to be rewarded and recognized for their efforts? Is it then fair to say that someone was granted favor, when if all things were equal, one person is being elevated above the other for some unbeknownst reason. This is typically the outcome that is frequently heard when dealing with the divine and infinite?  Pray… Did it work?  Yes!  Praise the Lord! *TO THE CONTRARY* Pray… Did it work?  No!  God works in mysterious ways!  This is what perplexes me about the attitude displayed daily on social media.  Receive an upgrade on tickets to a sporting event, concert or travel accommodations, “Won’t he do it!”  Credit score good enough to purchase a new car, “Won’t he do it!”  Child passes standardized testing to move on to the next grade, “Won’t he do it!”  Do what?  I’m confused.


Don’t get me wrong, despite the tenor of this correspondence, I believe in the “Most High”.  I just have my reservations about how “favor” is distributed.  If you peer into the evening sky, and all the stars you envision are suns for different galaxies that extend throughout the cosmos, then how can one entity be solely responsible for that; and more or less be concerned about MY well-being? People dismiss extraterrestrial activity and the existence of life on other planets, yet believe all the stories written in the Bible which have no historical significance; research the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Is it fair for a person to work, suffer, endure, live in squalor, while another exploits and reaps the benefits off the backs of others?  And before you respond with the uniform statement of “Life’s a blessing” or “He/She lived a full, wonderful life”, who amongst us tells the truth about how we feel to our peers.  We live in an era where if you’re open and honest, you’re labeled a “hater”.  There’s no longer freedom of opinion or expression; you’re either supportive or an outcast; again, there’s no in-between. And with a diatribe like this, I know I’m an outlier for articulating this opinion.  This is an explanation written on Facebook regarding the quote “Favor Ain’t Fair”: You’ve heard the quote “Favor Ain’t Fair”… Normally when used, it’s a rebuttal to those we categorize as “Haters”… You know the ones who can’t comprehend the blessings you’ve received, so they slander your name, question your credentials and attempt to assassinate your character… Today we’re giving the “Haters” also known as “Fans, who haven’t realized their true identity” a break, they’ve been beat down enough.  We want to talk to the “Favored” and bring to light the other side of “Favor Ain’t Fair”…  “Favor”, an unmerited gift from God can sometimes feel as though it comes with a cost… Those who are living a “favored” life can relate to what we’re about to say.  It doesn’t seem “fair” you’re attacked because you landed the job others were more qualified for… It doesn’t seem “fair” lies are told to discredit and tarnish your image and name… It doesn’t seem “fair” your feelings are hurt because doors were opened for you that were slammed for others… It doesn’t seem “fair” you have to questions your family and friends motives, “Are they here because they love me? Or because they love what I have?” And so on. Like all things in life it’s a matter of perspective. Adversity has a way of changing the dynamic and make the strongest individual question their faith.

My thing is, stop attributing success or failure to an entity which is unknown to us all and only exists on the basis of faith (belief or trust; belief in, devotion to, or trust in somebody or something, especially without logical proof).  The phrase, “Look at GOD” isn’t applicable to everyone.  Many people feel as though they’ve been shunned by the savior they’ve been taught to worship despite their best efforts to be granted blessings.  They don’t understand when you give from the heart, and it’s sincere, there are no rewards being sought; no light singling out the individual to honor them for their deeds.  It’s a feeling that goes unheralded and unappreciated.  Besides, who’s to say that the deity you worship is a “he” anyway?  If life is alleged to have begun in Africa, the first remains of human life are those of a woman, and the woman bears life…, wouldn’t it stand to reason that a woman (wombman) is therefore GOD?  Perhaps that’s a discussion for another day.  Check out this link pertaining to that subject: http://themadmanchronicles.com/2014/02/08/black-man-proves-adam-and-eve-biblical-story-is-a-lie-his-dna-dates-back-338-thousand-years/  “We Are The Change!”  I’m gone! (b)

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