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Amongst The Crowd

Look! Yeah, look over there! You see them trying to be different?  Who do they think they are? The nerve!!! They have the audacity to go against conventional wisdom, challenge authority and think outside the box. All of our lives we’ve been taught what to do, think, eat, watch, read and listen to. Now here they come with their blogs, posts, uplifting photos; talks of abandoning religion, critical thinking, sacred geometry, life in other galaxies and the “powers that be” trying to rule the world.  Yeah right! Ain’t nobody got time for that sh*t! Besides, I have bills to pay, parties to attend and the season finale of “Power” came on last night and it left me in suspense. What’s so special about being different?  If I sit right here, go with the flow, everything will be fine.  I have a job where my superiors applaud my work ethic.  (Oh, that’s right! Haven’t gotten a raise in a minute)   Well, at least when I go out I wear the latest trends; I be killin’ ‘em! (Whoa! That person’s wearing the same outfit as me). I’mma go home and watch this ol’ television and catch up on these reality shows. Did I hear about what? They passed what law? There’s a reduction in our pension fund? The government did what? How can that be? Wow…. I just didn’t know.




For most of the general public, that first paragraph explains their way of life; a never ending cycle of complacency; sometimes spanning generations. People figuring they can get by remaining status quo.  When you hear someone labeled as a “black sheep”, it automatically gives off a negative connotation.  That person’s rebellious; they’re an outcast amongst their family and friends; a loner.  Why can’t that person just be different and unwilling to follow the proverbial crowd?   If the quote, “Why are you trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?” is true, then why when a person ventures to do so they’re mocked and ridiculed?  Isn’t that hypocritical? Dare I say, when a person follows their own path, it appears to be the one of MOST resistance.  Most people are fearful of change; therefore they feel uncomfortable when you do.  Life is ever changing, ever evolving.  So when you show signs of physical, emotional and spiritual growth, it appears as though the people involved in your life are reluctant to allow you to reach new heights and plateaus.  They’re so terrified that you’ll leave them behind, that they’ll do everything in their power to hold on; even sabotaging your efforts to continue your journey.  You can’t allow that to hinder your progress; as we’re all here for a primary purpose.  Some people are willing to seize the day; discover and walk in their “divine purpose.”  While others play the role of sidekick; following whomever has the “juice” for the moment, living of their achievements.  There’s no risk involved, yet they lie awake well into the early morning hours wondering why their lives seem empty, unfulfilled and their souls yearn for more.  It’s frivolous for me to belabor the point as to why you should go your way and follow your own destiny.  It’s cliché ish.  However, from the time you reach an age to apply rational thought and distinguish what role (leader or follower) you want to play in this thing called life, you’ve had the power to control all things.  You don’t need books like “The Secret”, or watch videos imploring “Positive Affirmations” to encourage and prod you to take the necessary steps to change your life.  It’s merely a matter of being courageous enough to take the risk, brave enough to break the constraints of being a part of the crowd and being willing at times to go it alone. And I do mean alone in every sense of the word. Everyone won’t share your drive and passion; your mind sometimes will be riddled with doubt; there will be days in which you feel unwilling to persevere; where it appears the whole world’s against you, what you stand for and what you’re trying to accomplish.  But this I assure you; if you’re willing to endure the challenges and hurdle every obstacle, the rewards are enormous.  “We Are The Change!”  I’m gone! (b)

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