Shh…! Quiet! Class Is In Session!

I’mma drop this gem and keep it moving. In the South Florida area, and much like many areas in the nation, yesterday was the first day of school. Excitement began anew as we sent our young explorers to the care of those charged with assisting to lay the foundation for their lives moving forward. But let me give you something to think about, and I may be wrong so I can be straightened. Have you ever thought how attending school strips our children of their individuality? It appears as though school is a conduit which creates motion turning the wheel that supports the corporate structure of this country. Don’t get me wrong, I believe education is paramount and the thirst for knowledge is essential in being able to survive the cruelties this world has to offer. But is standardized testing a measure of a child’s intelligence. It appears as though students are being groomed to pass a test (or series of tests) and are not prepared for the trials of everyday living upon completing their formal education. At the time of my entry into college, my SAT/ACT scores weren’t phenomenal but I was still able to get a “piece” of scholarship, graduate near honors and still accomplish great things.  Uniforms save money but hinders creativity and competition. Sh*t, who didn’t want to be freshest on the first day of school; showing off the latest fashion or the hottest trend. Now the only differentiation a person has is with their shoes and/or accessories, maybe.


If I provided you with these demographics what would you think: bells, gates & walls, one or few unlocked doors for access, timed schedule for activities, a cafeteria, drab-looking facades, cramped quarters, socialization mentality, authoritarian structure, dress code, emphasis on silence & order, negative reinforcement, walking in lines, loss of individual autonomy, abridged freedoms, no input in decision making, set times enforced for walking, eating, etc.; given all that, where would you think your child (my child) would be? If you were to say prison or school, you’d be right on both accounts. Wardens are equivalent to administrators; there’s a high inmate/student to guard/teacher ratio; and instead of lockdowns, there’s lockdown drills. This dissertation is in no way an attempt to discount the efforts of teachers, as they have the responsibility of educating students based on the curriculum they’re implored to instruct. It’s the system itself that needs to be revamped. People attend schools for ex-number of years, face enormous debt as a result of loans and then, if they’re lucky to find a job, work in an industry that suppresses their creative desires and repay those loans at a high interest rate. All the while, especially during their formative years, any thoughts of being entrepreneurs or innovators are being shredded with the sentiments shared by both parents and teachers alike, “Finish high school, go to college or get a trade, then get a job!” Is that living or slavery? What made individuals so unique in the days of yesteryear were their abilities to be sound in all aspects of life; penmanship, the studies of the sciences, philosophy, being proficient in world history and culture, which made many of our predecessors soundly astute. And despite all I’ve written, our children still have an opportunity to break the cycle destined for them if they continue to follow protocol. Like all things, it begins at home first. Equip you child with the weapons (information/knowledge) to question everything being presented to them. Be involved in their development every step of the way; ensure that they’re being challenged and their abilities are being enhanced. And lastly, encourage individualism; not saying that your child shouldn’t be sociable or be a “team player”, but as mentioned before by this writer, we were born to stand out and be from amongst the crowd by our thoughts, talents & ideals; so support that. Keep in mind that prior to the fame, success and glory, they must capitulate (Stephen A. Smith word) to the norms of society until they establish their own brand, have control of their own business and have complete sovereignty over their own assets.  All our lives we’ve been taught to avoid incarceration as it’s a detriment to anything you want to accomplish in life; so why are we subjecting our children to the psychological constraints of an educational system which in some instances has been proven to be non-beneficial. “We Are The Change!”  I’m gone! (b)

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