Ah… Let’s Save The World Tomorrow

Tomorrow – a mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.  As many of you may know, or for those that listen to the show on a regular basis, my primary job is that of a law enforcement official.  And for those that are employed in any type of public service position that requires interaction with the citizens at large (police officer, fire fighter, etc.), though you may have a set hourly schedule, you’re on the clock twenty-four (24) hours per day, seven (7) days a week.  So our deeds off the clock are equally as important as our performance on it.  So public intoxication, disorderly conduct, being arrested no matter the offense or anything done at a magnitude to blacken the eye of the agency of our employ is strictly prohibited.  Therefore, in trying to lead normal lives that include all of these pitfalls and possibilities, we must remain responsible to the companies we serve.  We often times forget the minor details as we go about our daily routine, and when duty calls during our personal time, we disregard it, laying the task at the feet of someone else saying, “I’m off! Somebody else will take care of it.”  Police officers don’t have that luxury; a law enforcement officer, including a police officer, has a legal duty to provide aid to ill, injured, and distressed persons who are not in police custody during an emergency whether the law enforcement officer is on-duty or acting in a law enforcement capacity off-duty.  (FYI – A correctional officer is not a peace officer and, therefore, does not have a legal duty to provide aid to ill, injured, and distressed persons. As a volunteer, a correctional officer would be covered under the Good Samaritan Act to the extent provided therein from liability for civil damages as a result of such care or treatment.)   I give you all that to say this, when one is attempting to change the world and start a crusade to enlighten people with information, there are no days off.

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See yesterday on my personal Facebook page I posted, “…. So… I’m gonna turn in my timesheet, punch out and get back to saving the world tomorrow.”  Though the comment was meant in jest, I regret it in a sense that when you’re trying to make difference or attempting to achieve a goal, you can’t take any days off.  Perhaps no one cares, but it bothered me.  The entrepreneur doesn’t take a day off to stop from getting their business up, running and being successful; the promoter doesn’t stop advertising until the venue is filled to capacity; the student doesn’t stop attempting to attain academic achievement and earn their diploma to rest on their laurels; the athlete doesn’t take a day off from training when attempting to make the roster of a team; the dedicated pastor doesn’t take time away from being proficient in scripture and leading his flock to take a vacation.  You understand where I coming from.  Though we’re currently on a smaller scale, the mission of becoming recognized and establishing a brand shouldn’t be allowed to take a day off either. When the abolitionists were petitioning the government to stop slavery, there were no sabbaticals; there were no stoppages during the Women’s Rights Movement; or when mass amounts of people turned out to march during the Civil Rights Movement.  So far be it for me to be any different than any of my predecessors.

Let’s be honest, most people don’t care about world events, saving the planet or pertinent issues that have a far reaching effect on our lives on a broader scale.  If it doesn’t affect the bottom line, decrease our paychecks or hurt our families, then our involvement is minimum at best.  What does recycling really do?  Global warming isn’t real; the polar ice caps aren’t melting. Police brutality and harassment… It isn’t a problem in my community. Really… having knowledge of self?  Everything I need to know about me was taught in school or I can watch it on the History Channel.  (Sigh) The site (Fan & blog pages) is run by a person or individuals who don’t “know it all”; just those that wish to “know it all” and share that information with the masses to increase their knowledge.  Knowledge and information are free, and should be shared with those that aspire to do more.  Any delay in disseminating that information is called procrastination.  Tomorrow isn’t promised; so during every waking moment, your actions should be impactful and far reaching.  Does the congregation question the minister’s ability when he/she is speaking before them from the pulpit?  No! He’s deemed a leader and his teachings are perceived to be the gospel.  People watch and listen to Suze Orman to attain information to achieve financial freedom.  They in turn use that knowledge and implement those principles in their lives to amass wealth.  The same holds true for any leader who is attempting to start a movement and create change; Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Stanley “Tookie” Williams (Crips) or Larry Hoover (Gangster Disciples).  Whether for good or evil; righteousness or injustice, these individuals worked tirelessly to press their agenda. And so too will I.  There can’t be any days off when you want something so badly and you’re attempting to make a difference.  So with that, I’ve done a disservice to you all.  There will be no more days off.  Because as badly as I want to succeed, I equally want to show how dedicated I am to what we’re trying to accomplish.  It may not always be information; there may be passages to uplift the spirit; or captions that express a lighter side of life.  Regardless, we’re obligated to you and need to stamp our imprint as a serious contender for your intellectual pleasure.  That’s all social media, television, radio and other means of communication are; an attempt to gain your attention, solicit their product and capture your imagination.  Our job is to perform that task better than anyone else by remaining diligent and believing in our product.  How bad do we want it; enough to sacrifice it all!  #Nodaysoff “We Are The Change!”  I’m gone! (b)

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